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Join Loyalty and Get Rewards!

Get free donuts, milkshakes, ice cream and more rewards when you join the YO! Loyalty Program. To become a member, you must create an account to track your points (YO!'s). Click the link below to download our app or to sign up!  Either way you do it, you will become a part of our loyalty program and start earning points!

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All members earn 10 YO!'s for every $1 spent!
As you accumulate points, you will unlock different rewards!


Q.  How does your loyalty program work?

A.  Every time you order you get points (YO!'s). For every dollar you spend at Yonutz, you earn 10 YO!'s. Once you reach a certain number of YO!'s, you will activate the equivalent offer that can be used for in-store and online orders (web and app). See our YO! meter for your reference.

Q.  How do I redeem my offer?

A.  Your rewards live in your online account and will be available at checkout to redeem.

Q.  How many YO!'s do I get on my order?

A.  You earn 10 YO!'s for every $1 spent, including catering orders. 

Q.  Are tips and delivery fees counted when computing the YO!'s?

A.  Please note that you will not receive points (YO!'s) for tax, tip, discounts, applicable fees (i.e. delivery fees), or gift card purchases.

Q.  Do gift cards or merchandise count toward YO!'s total?

A.  You will receive YO!'s when paying with gift cards through your loyalty account.

Q.  Can I use my offer when I order in-store?

A.  Yes. When you arrive in-store, let the cashier know that you are part of the YO! Loyalty Program. Provide your phone number to the cashier and share which offer you are interested in redeeming. 

Q.  How are my rewards tracked?

A.  You can track your rewards by clicking the "Loyalty" button on the app or by logging into the online order site and clicking the “my account” button in the upper right and choose "Loyalty".  

Q.  Do I earn YO!'s on large party orders?

A.  Yes, you will also receive 10 YO!'s for every $1 spent.

Q.  Can I earn YO!'s on purchases made with gift cards/offer?

A.  You will receive YO!'s when paying with a gift card. Please note that you will not receive points discounted items, tax, tip, applicable fees, or gift card purchases.

Q.  Do I get YO!'s from purchasing gift cards?

A.  No, YO!'s will be earned on gift card redemptions, not purchases.

Q.  Can I earn YO!'s on orders made through other third party platforms such as UberEats and Doordash?

A.  No, only orders made in-store or through online ordering via web browser or app will earn YO!'s.

Q.  Do you have birthday rewards available?

A.  Birthday rewards are not currently available right now. Be sure to enable marketing notifications to receive any updates! 

Q.  Can points be added manually?

A.  Yes, points can be added manually if they are not recorded to your account. Just send a request to together with your receipt to process the request.

Q.  Do my rewards expire?

A.  Rewards may have different expiration dates depending on what the reward is. Expiration dates are listed with each Reward in your account. YO!'s do not expire.

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