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The Yonutz Story

WARNING:  Yonutz is not for the feint of heart.  Our desserts are known to cause great deals of pleasure and excitement. If you suffer from wanting boring desserts please close this window now.  

Welcome!  We are so glad you are here!  When was the first time you walked into Yonutz or heard about Yonutz?  Or is this your first time?  Either way, let us take you on a journey and share with you what makes Yonutz so special!

Yes we have amazing donuts. And yes we have mini donuts. And yes to milk shakes, smoothies and froyo too!  We carry the traditional favorites that you would expect to see in a donut or an ice cream shop.  However, what really sets us apart is the outrageous desserts we create.  When we do something we take it to the limit!  Most of those products that are outrageous can be found in the SMASH section of our website.  But let us walk you through some of these! 

SMASH Donut (Winner of Dessert Wars 2019)

Not just a donut ice cream sandwich!  A SMASH donut is a hot pressed glazed donut with ice cream inside and topped with all sorts of amazing toppings.  On top of all that (no pun intended) we don't just do your plain old boring toppings.  We top some of our SMASH donuts with cereals, crazy candies, sprinkles and all the eye and pallete catching favorites that you may not expect to see on a donut!  These are award winners that continuously amaze people when they try them.

SMASH Ice Cream and Milk Shakes

So here is where we take ice cream to a whole new limit!  We put things like Fruity Pebbles and Blueberry Donuts and SMASH them right into your ice cream or milk shake (ex. Pink Pebble Rebel SMASH Ice Cream).  This is a crazy process but it creates the most outrageous dessert you have ever tasted.  You can have any of these flavors in an ice cream or milk shake version.

SMASH Froyo/Smoothies

Ok, so hang with us here.  Most people are familiar with soft serve yogurt machines.  Yeah, well we are too but that's not what we do.  We actually start out with a rich hard packed yogurt, mix the toppings in and SMASH them all together into a SOFT SERVE yogurt.  Yes, you read that right...starts out with a hard scoop and turns into a soft serve.  Absolutely the smoothest Froyo you will ever try.  You can also turn this into a Smoothie or even a Fat Free Smoothie as well.  

SMASH Donut Waffles

Yes starts as a donut and turns into a waffle.  Then gets smothered by ice cream and toppings.  It is a waffle you will never forget!

Vegan and Gluten Free Options

Most people's experience with gluten free and vegan options is that they are boring.  We on the other hand are exactly the opposite.  We carry amazing vegan and gluten free options in some crazy flavors that you probably can't find in most places.  Being vegan doesn't mean being boring...not at Yonutz!!!

So that's just a small glimpse.  But you'll have to taste it to believe it!  We don't believe in boring.  And if you have ever been in you will know what we mean.  And most importantly, if you ever can't find your flavor, we will make it for you!  Yes, you can always create your own flavor.  It's not a problem at Yonutz!

And remember, after you have one of our amazing desserts, feel free to use our special hashtag:

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