A World Where the Ordinary is SMASHED

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Yonutz! We are proud to present to you what our fans believe is the most awesome dessert place on the planet! Donuts or Ice Cream are enough to get anyone excited but put them both together and you have a concept that will steal the hearts of many. Yonutz was born in South Florida. While creating the concept, we wanted to create something unique that our customers could love and cherish. So we created the Fantastical! We knew just by combining Donuts and Ice Cream, that would do it. But we wanted more...we wanted to take it up to a whole different level. And the answer started to become obvious. We would SMASH the donuts and ice cream together. Enter the Yonutz SMASH™ Donut and Yonutz SMASH Shake! We created the Yonutz SMASH™ Donut out of our desire to be unique (and outrageous). Yeah, we found ourselves the Winners of Dessert Wars 2019 and 2020. And yes not long after we were featured on CNN's Great Big Story, and then named The Best Dessert Shop in South Florida. But that's not what got us excited. We were more in love with the idea that our customer feedback was incredible. Yonutz was becoming a place where family occasions, first dates, great report cards, and just awesome days were celebrated. That's what we loved the most. And that became our mission: To provide a fantastical dessert experience to sweet lovers everywhere.

SMASH Milkshake

Yonutz Gourmet Donuts and Ice Cream!

Yonutz is known for having both Donuts and Ice Cream! Our Donuts are fresh and soft and come in a variety of tantalizing designs and flavors! We also have bite size Mini Donuts that are super cute. They are great when you want bites of different flavors AND they are also the most fun to take to parties, gatherings, and your favorite occasions. Our Ice Cream is so fun too! We carry many flavors of Gourmet Ice Cream that are sure to please the palette. We have the fun flavors for those who are more daring and the traditional flavors you would expect as well! But at Yonutz, it's not just the products but the experience we give you. We make sure you have a fun awesome visit in an environment where you can be happy and put life aside! And guess what? If you walk in and you don't see your favorite, we will most likely be able to make it for you! Our goal is to make sure that you have an awesome experience not only from an amazing product, but amazing service, staff, and a sensory pleasing experience!

How to Smash a Donut chart. 1 Slice it. 2 Fill it. 3 Smash it. 4 Top it. 5 Eat it.

Yonutz SMASH™

So What is Yonutz SMASH™? We are so glad you asked!!! At Yonutz, as stated above, we wanted to create the most fantastical dessert experience. So at Yonutz, it's not just about the Donuts and Ice Cream, but it's what we do with them! We take Dessert to the Limit and make extraordinarily unique desserts that are designed with an amazing customer experience in mind! And that's what Yonutz SMASH™ Desserts are! Yonutz SMASH™ are the fantastical side of Yonutz Desserts (yes FANTASTICAL IS A WORD!) We have SMASH Donuts, SMASH Ice Cream, and SMASH Milk Shakes! These are not just ordinary desserts. When you think of a milkshake, you think of Ice Cream and Milk. When we think of Yonutz SMASH™ Milkshakes, we think what can we put in this to make it extraordinarily amazing and over the top. We combine a variety of toppings in many of these and SMASH them altogether to make an amazing experience! That's what makes what we do so fantastical. So without revealing more (that you will see below), the bottom line is that Yonutz SMASH™ Desserts are crazy, outrageous, and fun desserts that will have you screaming for more! We can't wait for you to try! We like to say, 'Why Be Normal When You Can Be Yonutz!!!" See our entire line of Yonutz SMASH™ below!!!


A SMASH donut is arguably one of life's greatest experiences. To make a SMASH Donut, we take a Donut, cut it in half, put a scoop of ice cream in it, hot press it and top it with all sorts of amazing toppings. We top some of our SMASH donuts with cereals, crazy candies, sprinkles and all the eye and palate catching favorites that you may not expect to see on a donut! These are award winners that continuously amaze people when they try them.


So here is where we take ice cream to a whole new limit! We put things like Fruity Pebbles and Blueberry Donuts and SMASH them right into your ice cream or milk shake (ex. Pink Pebble Rebel SMASH Ice Cream). This is a crazy process but it creates the most outrageous milkshake you have ever tasted. You can have any of these flavors in an ice cream or milk shake version. WHY BE NORMAL WHEN YOU CAN BE Yonutz!!!!

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And More...

So that's just a small glimpse. But you'll have to taste it to believe it! We don't believe in boring. And if you have ever been in you will know what we mean. And most importantly, if you ever can't find your flavor, we will make it for you! Yes, you can always create your own flavor. It's not a problem at Yonutz! And remember, after you have one of our amazing desserts, feel free to use our special hashtag: #IGOTSMASHED