Gourmet Donuts
and Ice Cream

Yonutz is South Florida’s favorite Gourmet Donut Shop. WE have both Big and Mini Gourmet Donuts. And we have some of the most awesome Donuts you could imagine. From Big Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Berry Bliss, Maple Bacon and Oreo Party to Mini Chocolate Turtle, PB&J, we are sure to please you. And if that wasn’t enough we also carry ice cream too! We have both hard scoop (coming soon) and soft serve. And if you are really daring, you can try one of our exclusive items which include a Yonutz Donut Shake (yes you read that correctly), or Yonutz in a Cup which is your favorite Donut topped with soft serve ice cream or yogurt! Whatever your favorite is, make sure you visit us on your next trip to South Florida Thank you for making Yonutz Your Favorite!


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